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We produce since 1980

bird photoperiod machines, bird feeders. We also distribute cages and anti coccidiosis seeds.

All our photoperiod systems are designed and produced in Italy to guarantee
maximum quality to our customers. Our Customer Care team is always
available to give you the best purchasing suggestions and to assist
you on every issue you might encounter with our products. All our
products have the CE mark and are supplied with translated instructions
to ease the use.

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Made in Italy

Everything is produced 100% Made In Italy!

Fast Assistance

Technicians always available for any issue.


Product handbooks translated in more than 10 languages!

Easy to Use

Simple, Programmable and Easy to Use.

Our Products

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Photoperiod Gold Star

GoldStar Besser Elektronik

Photoperiod Super Gold Star

Super GoldStar Besser Elektronik

Photoperiod Universal 3000

Universal 3000 Besser Elektronik

What Clients Say About Us

The opinion of our clients is very important to us to provide the best product possible!

Here are some reviews from our clients:

Hello, I'm Salandi Paolo, passionate about ornithology from an early age, for 40 years registered with the Foi (RNA 858X) and for 25 trader with shop in ornithology, in my farms a bit for need and a bit for curiosity for years I tried all the brands and models of light programmers but the one that has given me better performance, practicality in use and less problems has always been Besser.
Salandi Paolo
One of the leading companies in the hobby and professional ornithological sector. Historic brand as regards programmers and electronics, in general, for breeders who choose the top of the range for their systems. Wide choice and always at the forefront: competitive for prices, quality and competence. Staff always available.
Sconza Massimo
I have been breeding canaries and goldfinches for several years now, and I have always decided to integrate the natural light of my breeding with artificial lamps to better control the hatching period. My first, and I would say the only albatramonto control unit was the gold star of besser elektronik, a reliable and complete machine in its management and programming simplicity. I know many people who have other Besser models, from the old but very reliable RG. 3000 to the last born the amazing Universal 3000, all enthusiastic. To tell the truth, I had a few problems that forced me to call the parent company, but when I did I always found kindness and competence, thanks to which I always solved my problems.
Lo Presti Antonio
My name is Giuseppe Albergo, I have been seriously breeding black canaries since 1998. Over the years I have achieved quite important titles. In the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to get to know and use Besser products, from the anti-waste manger to the sunrise and sunset control unit, first using the Gold Star model and then La Besser Electronic Universal 3.000. I must say that these are excellent products. The anti-waste manger now always present in my breeding allows, for example, to keep a fairly high number of canaries under control. In my opinion this company represents a valid support for every single breeder being readily available.

Giuseppe Albergo

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