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Our photoperiods are highly programmable.

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Every product is checked by professional staff.

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Our products are 100% Made In Italy.


Our product handbooks are translated in multiple languages.

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Our products respect the enviroment.

Gold Star

PHOTOPERIOD: The programmer automatically creates any table for the automatic lengthening or shortening of lighting hours.

Gold Star - Besser Elektronik
Super Gold Star - Besser Elektronik

Super Gold Star

Lights Programmer 3 pre-programmed singing tables, excellent for all calls. Studied and tested by expert shed operators.

Universal 3000

Led, neon, incandescence,  the possibility to illuminate even two environments all with a single product. The control unit can be used for two rooms at the same time with different times and programming in each single room.

Universal 3000 - Besser Elektronik
Semi Foniogold - Besser Elektronik

Foniogold Seeds

Until now, coccidiosis has been treated with medicines that often show negative side effects to our birds. Today, however, coccidiosis is treatable in the most natural way possible with FONIOGOLD.

Bird Feeder Alphistex

Alphistex the bird feeder that pays itself over time. Its shape requires the canary to take one seed at a time and consume it outside the bird feeder so that the shell of the seed falls outside; so the breeder must no longer blow the seeds, and the canary can no longer dirty the remaining food. the seeds remaining in the bird feeder will always be clean and will only need to be topped up when required.


Mangiatoia Bianca Alphistex - Besser Elektronik
Cupola - Besser Elektronik

Dome and Infirmary Cage

INFRARED RAYS heating dome that transforms a normal cage into an infirmary cage.

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